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A loving, professional dog care in San Francisco

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Our Services

Full Grooming

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Wash & Blow Dry

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Self Serve Dog Wash

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Nail Clipping

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Hi, I’m Wendy

At Dog Lover, we provide everything you need to give your pet the best care possible. We are dedicated to providing quality products that make life with your four-legged friend easier, more enjoyable, and more rewarding.

From food and toys to beds and health products, we have everything you need to keep your pup happy and healthy. Our goal is to make sure that every dog is loved and taken care of, and our team is committed to helping you do just that.

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Dog Lover is a pet shop designed to help you find the perfect pet for your family. We have a great selection of puppies, kittens, and other animals from a range of breeds. We believe that every pet deserves to have a loving home and we strive to provide the highest standard of care for our animals.

Shiney’s Owner

At Dog Lover, we’re here to help make your life with your canine companion a little bit easier. Our services are designed to provide long-term solutions for any of your dog-related needs. Whether you’re looking for a new leash or a better way to train your pup, we’ve got you covered.

Jacko’s Owner

At Dog Lover, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for your furry friends. We are passionate about creating a safe and comfortable space for you and your pup to enjoy a day of play, learning, and relaxation.

Leon’s Owner

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 2pm
Sun: Closed

Ask Me Anything

At Dog Lover, we strive to provide pet owners with the best resources and advice to help them give their furry friends the best life possible. We are passionate about the well-being of our four-legged friends and understand that each pet is unique and deserves to be treated as such. We have a team of experienced professionals who provide practical advice, helpful tips, and valuable insights to help pet owners make the best decisions for their furry friends. Visit our website today and join the Dog Lover community

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